LBE Software specialises in the production of affordable software for businesses of all sizes.

Our mission:

  • high quality software
  • easy to use software
  • fast and relevant response to support questions
  • affordable to businesses of all sizes

Our products:

LBE Web Helpdesk Software

Operated entirely through your web browser, designed to be used both by your support staff and your customers. Install the Web Help Desk software on your server then access it from any machine with a web browser.

Lbe Desktop Helpdesk Software

Typically used by a company’s support staff. Complete control is given over how data is presented, and the desktop help desk software comes with powerful predefined filters, shared data views, text macros and more.

LBE Helpdesk Mail-in server

Integrates with the our helpdesk products to provide an easy way for your end-users to manage their helpdesk reporting via e-mail

LBE Toolbox for MS Outlook

Remove Duplicate Contacts, Emails, Appointments and Tasks. Strip Attachments. Send out multiple emails as individual messages. Find and Replace in MS Outlook. Monitor your Web sites, Delete spam – all at the touch of a button.